There's Your Real Age & There's Your TrueAge

The TrueAge App let's real people tell you how old you truly look on your pictures.

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Add Your Pictures

Upload your pictures with different hairstyles or clothes to see how it impacts people's opinion of your age.

Guess Other User's Age

Accumulate voting credits by guessing other user's age. The more you vote, the more credits you get, there is no limit!

Collect Votes

Collect votes on your own pictures by redeeming the credits accumulated after voting. The more you vote, the more votes you can accumulate on your pictures.

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While other apps focus on guessing your age using a piece of software, our focus is to show you how old REAL people see you as. With us, the age people think you are matters more than your real age. You will be able to try different clothes, haircuts, facials and optimize your age accordingly based on people's opinion.
Yes, it's free to download and to use.
In order to collect votes on how old you look, you must spend voting credits. There are 3 ways to accumulate voting credits: You can either vote on other user's age, you would get 1 credit for each picture you vote on. You can also either buy credits directly or refer a friend to download and use our app and receive free credits that way.
No, while we love socializing, there are enough apps that do that. We focus solely on getting unbiased opinions on someone's age, no questions ask.

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