That’s a pretty bold claim isn’t it? I agree with you, and yet I’m still 100% confident about it. Let me explain:

Why Did I Create The TrueAge App?

It happened to everyone: You meet new people, they become acquaintances or friends and ultimately the question comes: “How old are you?”. While I kept answering right away I always had that lingering thought: “I wonder if they think I look younger or older than my real age”. Call me conceited, but if people weren’t, there would be no social media. I went in the app store to try to find an age guessing or age detector app but all of the apps were based on the (maybe famous?) Microsoft software which is available here: https://www.how-old.net/. While It’s a fun tool, knowing how old a machine thinks I am is of no use, I want to know it from real people instead. Unfortunately, there was no app which used real people to estimate someone else’s age, until now…


Enters The TrueAge app!

I’m sure you noticed but in life, everyone ages differently: Some look older than they are, some look younger, that’s why I came up with this catch-phrase:

|           There’s your real age & there’s your true age.

Let’s get back to my claim. See this app is not made for other people to guess your actual age, instead it is made to tell you your age as perceived by others: what we call your True Age. Your real age doesn’t actually matter in life; but how old you are perceived as does…

Why You’ll Love The TrueAge App:

  • The most truthful age estimates on the market. Now you can confidently optimize how old you look
  • FREE, fun and easy to use age voting platform
  • Share your stats with your friends
  • Anonymous voting

Optimize Your Age – Look Younger or Older

You can upload multiple pictures and see how it impacts your perceived age on each pictures. Optimize your perceived age with different haircuts or styles to make yourself appear older or younger than you are. And in case you’re too shy, all pictures submitted for voting are anonymous!

Free & Fun To Vote: You’ll know how far off is your guess

Not only our app is useful, but it’s also fun to guess other user’s age! For each age guess, you’ll know how far off you were, guess correctly and get extra age vote credits. Spend those credits to collect votes on your own pictures, it’s completely FREE! Once you collect enough votes on your pictures, share those results with your friends!

The TrueAge app is available on the IOS & Android store, please share with your friends and followers if you enjoy it.

Thanks for giving this app a try!

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